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I will trust in You.

I can't wait until Tuesday - Jeremy Camp's new CD comes out. I still have a $25 Best Buy gift card to use. I've listened to some clips of it online. It sounds amazing. He's a great song writer. Rebecca St. James has a new CD coming out February 24th. I have to get that too.

I'm getting more and more excited for summer camp. My camp's website was redone, and it looks so cool. Only a few more months.

So I finally got a new cell phone. We went to Verizon last night. My mom was kind of pissed off. We went over to our next door neighbor's house for their 1 year old daughter's birthday party. We didn't get back until 6:30, and she wanted to do it today. But I said no, and that she always keeps pushing things back. I feel bad... I don't like making my parents mad. We went anyway. It wasn't too busy there, and then some more people started coming in.

We got there before these two women, and the Verizon worker guy helped them before they helped us. It was so stupid. Getting my new cell phone took like 5 minutes. The other people took about 25 minutes because they were buying a new plan, phone, etc. Grrr. Oh well. I got a new phone... it was free, but we had to sign for a 2 year "customer agreement."

Not going to church today, but I have to help out with something after church is over. Oh so excited - kind of.
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