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I deserve nothing more than I get.

School was somewhat better today, I suppose. I had a math test - I probably failed that. I freak out when I have tests. My mind just goes blank. Gym sucked, too. I hate the two girls who are in my class. They are so immature. They always talk crap about me to each other and other people. It makes me mad. I mean, what am I suppose to do? It's like middle school. GROW UP!

We chose our schedules/classes for next year. I selected these classes:

English 5,6 HONORS
Spanish 3,4
Human Anatomy/Physiology 1,2 HONORS
Algebra 3,4
U.S. Government
American Law & Order
Physical Education
Creative Cookery
Yearbook 3,4

I don't know about the Human Anatomy honors class. I might change it. I need one more gym credit... I have to take swim still. But I'm almost done with the required classes. I really like my counselor. He is really into college stuff, so that should be nice.

I have to work tomorrow. Then hopefully I'm going to get a new cell phone. I want a Nokia 3589i. Verizon has this deal where you can get a free phone. I asked for a new one for my birthday. I've been bugging my mom about it... and I kind of feel bad about it. I don't mean to. My birthday is a month and a half away. But this free deal lasts only until the 15th.

I got my haircut yesterday, also. A couple inches. It's just a little past my shoulders. I'm happy with it. Anyway, good night.
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