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Though I am wounded and unworthy...

School was so awkward today.

In first period, we were told that a junior had committed suicide yesterday. That basically set the mood for the whole day. It totally breaks my heart to hear stuff like that. Though I don't know him personally, I still walk the same hallways that he did. It affects the whole school. I just wish that people didn't have to resort to suicide. It's a dead end road. What's left after suicide? Nothing. I wish he could have talked to someone about his problems. There is a way out.

Always tell the people you care about that you love them. High school is somewhat rough. People are still immature, and they don't think about what they say. Words affect people in different ways - some people can handle it, others can't. It depends on the person. But still... what you say to someone and how you treat them can do a lot.

I pray that some light can come out of this. It's so sad to hear things like that.
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